Are Corsets Worth The Luxury Price Tag?

The sheer cost of buying a good steel-boned corset is enough to put some people off buying one, but we can assure you that buying one of these corsets is an investment. Your steel-boned corset won’t be worn just once for a particular event, you’ll wear it over and over again, they look and feel amazing on. A corset is just that, an investment, an investment for yourself to feel and look amazing because every woman should feel that.

A steel corset can take anything from 30-40 hours to make and not in one go. Your eyes need a break from making these awesome creations, especially the ones that have intricate hand-stitched embroidery, so your fingers need a break too. The making of AEC corset is an art form, with many years of dedication, research, and skill required to carry it out with excellence.

3 types of corsets are available widely online and in some stores, these are following:

Fashion Corset

These corsets are made purely for fashion purposes. Although they look like real corsets, they do not offer the function of a real corset, which is waste reduction and the creation of an hourglass silhouette figure. Although fashion corsets can have a wide pricing range, it is not worth an expensive price tag. These corsets will not affect your body in any way as such and will not provide you with any support or enhance your curves.

Mass Produced Corset

These corsets are mass-produced to a woman’s ideal size. They are available off the rack so to speak and much cheaper than a custom-made one. These corsets are better suited to those who are of a ‘standard’ body shape, as they will not accommodate everyone’s lumps and bumps. These are ideal for most women and great for those that are new to corsetry. Most steel-boned corsets come with a 6-inch modesty panel, so the back can be adjusted without having to show any flesh.

Custom Made Corset

This is the most expensive type of corset. A custom-made corset is the best option for those that are serious about corsetry. This type of corset is made according to your body measurements and will offer the best possible fit. This type of corset will provide the ultimate comfort, and not affect your body adversely. Corsets are definitely worth the luxury price tag, as you get what you pay for. Your comfort and health are not worth compromising, so getting the best that you can afford is the right decision. Plus you want to look utterly stunning, don’t you?

Alter Ego Clothing waist trainer corsets will shape and flatter your hourglass curves. Train your waist comfortably with Our authentic steel-boned corsets for women. You can get that feeling too.

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The Alter Ego Clothing is a Toronto; Canada based company specializing in steel boned waist training corsets. Custom made fashion

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